Wednesday, August 18, 2004

Blogging embarrassment

You see here is the thing. The thing is, I used to post nearly every day to a really crappy blog that had very little to do with me but had everything to do with shit that I found on the internet that I was interested in. The thing is that when I started writing in this blog I wanted to post something everyday in this blog that I actually cared about. The thing is I started putting too much pressure on myself to "write something meaningful". I don't like it much, the pressure. So I haven't been devoting any time to this space. Truth is, I'm not even comfortable promising that I will do it in the future. It may happen again.

But I'm really going to try to put aside a few of my strenuous workouts (It's like five whole steps from my recliner to the fridge) and devote a few minutes of writing here every day.


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