Monday, August 16, 2004

Matches?! Where oh where am I going to find matches?

Has anyone seen the commercial for Nicoderm CQ(tm) featuring the Alanis Morisette look-alike breaking down the stress of being a smoker?

Making sure I had enough cigarettes to last the night, and worrying that I had enough matches to light them all.

Now first of all, if I were still a smoker (oh how I long to still be a smoker) this ad would be reason enough for me to continue. Kind of counterproductive to the whole Nicoderm(tm) mission statement I would think. Up to a little over a pack a day after ten years of smoking, worrying about having enough smokes and how I would light them wasn't ever a big concern. Even if it did worry me every now and then I would need a smoke to calm my nerves! Buy a carton and be done with it! Worried about matches? This is quite possibly the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard of. I have singed eyebrows off using the gas burners of a stove-top to light a smoke but you know what I didn't do ... worry about it. If you are a smoker who is having a hard time with a light then your just not trying hard enough and don't deserve that wonderful and delicious drag of that sweet, sweet tobacco. Damn, where the hell are my matches?


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