Tuesday, August 10, 2004

Mind the milk crates...

Hello and welcome to my new space here in the 'sphere. I felt that I outgrew the old apartment and needed to move. The new space will be kept much cleaner and more organized. You are more than welcome to drop by anytime.

While I'm inviting you over I might as well let you know that my wife has a much smarter, much funnier, and overall much better blog going. The link is on the right but I figured I should mention it. Go over and say hey.

In a perfect world this blog would remind you of Terry's, Carrie's, Sarah's and Maud's, (and many more, most of which can be found on the right) but alas they all are much much smarter than I am. I will attempt to keep this place current with any and all of the art world that I encounter. You won't see any talk about dance or classical music. You will read about films, TV, and books that have been out for sometime. I don't have the money to jump on the newest releases so I will be getting most of my book choices from the library. I don't have what you would call a "critical eye" but I know what I like and you, my lucky audience, are going to hear all about it.

Well a post about what I will be posting seems a bit redundant so just hang in there and check back in. What's the worst that could happen? You're just wasting time at work anyway.


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