Monday, September 20, 2004

Just some catching up...

Wifey and I watched Mystic River last night. I liked it quite a bit. Easily the best Eastwood movie to date. Of course I was depressed all day thinking about it, but it was still really, really good.

The Wife also brought home another one of Sedaris's books. As I posted about earlier, I really don't want to like the guy or his writing but about two pages into Me Talk Pretty One Day and he had me laughing out loud. I may just have to change my mind. We'll see.

Let's just keep quiet about the red sox for a few days OK? The season isn't over yet and hopefully it will be a long weekend in Boston for the Yanks this week.

In the meantime, Go Pats!!!

Say it ain't so. Even when it has sucked it's been a hell of a lot better than what you could find here.

That's all I got. Check ya later!


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