Monday, September 06, 2004

Let's hope that in some sense of karmic retribution George W Bush will be spending some time doing some actual labor someday...

I spent the early morning of my Labor Day with my Dad. He picked me up at 8am for a trip to a really big sale at a really big music store (as in instruments not cd's.) I was there as a consultant to help my dad pick out a good guitar. He has just recently picked up the guitar again after about fifteen years of not playing. I am easing him back into it as a hobby. I gotta say I'm a bit jealous. I have a pretty nice guitar myself but going shopping for a new one is hard to do when you end up at home without one. We stopped off to get some breakfast and got ourselves all worked up because of things like this, and this, and this. We shouldn't be allowed to talk about this administration at all. We both get a little riled. We completely agree of course we both just get a little hot under the collar when we talk about the boneheaded move after boneheaded move this administration seems to get away with without a major effect in public opinion about him. It seems to me impossible that so many intelligent people in this country would give their support to a guy who would sell them up the river if it helped his compassionate conservative big business financiers. A guy who hides behind his father's library seal on most of his past but who loves to point out the past mistakes of others. A guy who... I have to stop. I could be here all day and we all know it. Yet somehow nearly half of the country seem happy to fight for the guy let alone vote for him. It scares us both.

Anyway, Have a good labor day everyone or anyone out there. Please follow the links up there and do a little digging. Find out the truth and get the word out. It scares me so much to think of what this guy could do without having to be held accountable by facing another election. It should scare you too. VOTE!


At 2:49 PM, Blogger Michael Moore-on said...

According to Time and others, if the election were held today:

Bush: 53%

Put that in yer pipe and smoke it...

At 3:01 PM, Blogger Tigress said...

Just happened here by chance and have to say: great words ;) Hope the "hope" becomes a dream come true.


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