Wednesday, September 01, 2004

My wife is better than yours.

Sorry guys but it is true.

Today was my two year wedding anniversary. Wifey has been excited to give me her gift for a couple of weeks now. She is very proud of herself with this one which threw all sorts pressure my way. Other than flowers of course, I had no idea what to get for her and her gloating and bragging about how she had found the perfect gift didn't help. Defeated, I asked her for suggestions. She brought up all sorts of things that she wanted and tried to reassure me that anything I got would be fine. (she even gave me the "you don't have to get me anything" line but we all know that's a trap and if there are any men out there who think it isn't a trap make sure you have a comfortable couch) Anyway I got us tickets to a show she wanted to see up in Boston so next Friday we will make our way up to The Opera House to see the traveling production of The Lion King. She was happy with the tickets and the flowers that I had delivered to her work but she really did show me up this year.

I have talked about collecting first editions of my favorite novels and authors for years now but I tend to spend my paycheck on other things like food and shelter. A signed first edition would be ideal but I never thought I'd be able to afford things like that so I won't even allow myself to look. My wife can always find a bargain. I'm told its her Dutch upbringing, whatever that means. She isn't afraid to look.

I was shocked to open this gift. I still am. In 1994 Joseph Heller published Closing Time a sequel to one of the all time great novels Catch-22. Simon and Schuster released a special edition limited to 750 numbered books. Mine is #516. On the second page in black ink that skips a bit in the p is the late author's john hancock. He actually held it in is hands and made his mark. The collection has officially begun.

I told you my wife kicks ass!


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