Saturday, October 23, 2004

Look Ma, No Wires!!

First off, I still have not composed my thoughts enough to effectively write about the Red Sox and Yankees series. I have been waiting for this all of my life and to watch another world series with the Red Sox is bringing me back to being nine years old. I told everyone this was our year (of course I have been saying that for about 16 years.) Expect some sort of post but it may have to wait until after the series. If the Sox lose it may be much, much longer. Go Sox!

In other news, we here in The Fog have decided it was time to step into the present and get a high speed internet connection. We are also wireless now. I feel that after all this time we are finally using the laptop the way it was meant to be used. With the high speed connection its a whole new internet. No longer do I need to avoid the sites filled with images and animations. News clip and upcoming movie trailers are now accessible and I don't have to fill the time between loading pages talking to my wife -- just kidding hon. Anyway, I am as overwhelmed by the internet as I was in about 1992 or so.

I've been busy and neglectful of my blog responsibilities I know. I'll work on it.


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