Thursday, October 28, 2004

Pinch Me.

Where the hell do I start?

I drove to 9 different convenience stores and gas stations before and after work today to buy as many different newspapers as I could find. My mother-in-law who lives in northern New Jersey bought a bunch to mail up to me. My mother did the same and found my a Boston Globe. I was very pissed that I couldn't find one. Every place that sold them had run out at like six this morning. They'll all make their way into plastic and then into a large box filled with newspapers from October 16th 1986 that ran with the variation on the headline --"Red Sox Win the Pennant!!" This morning the Providence Journal greeted me at the doorstep with the beautiful headline CHAMPIONS OF THE WORLD.

While driving around looking for the papers I listened to the local sports radio station as they took calls from fans. The DJ's encouraged stories about what this major event has mean to each of us. This guy was telling everyone listening about his night last night. After turning down requests from his friends to watch the game at a bar he chose to spend the night with his parents and his grandmother. When the game ended they all cried and hugged each other in celebration. The guy was getting choked up on the phone and I am man enough to say that I started to tear up. This game, this moment, this feeling, has effected this area has been as intense a situation as sports has ever created. Everyone I know and work with has been slow tired and unproductive, you can't tell me that has no effect on the economy. The underlying threat of riots in the streets of Boston and on college campuses across new england had added the only tension of the World Series. Late games had disrupted sleep schedule already shaky due to the long and stressful ALCS. Relief, excitement, contentment, happiness, none of them truly express it, I simply have no frame of reference for it.

I think it is amazing that I received calls of congratulations from people this morning all because I am a Red Sox fan. This cracks me up. I did deserve the accolades though, had I not sat on the couch and drank a lot of beer last night there's no telling how that game pans out.

Did anyone else notice how the broadcast of the game featured more live on location footage of Red Sox fans in both Baghdad and New York City than Boston? Why Fox why?

I saw more smiles this morning at work than I ever have. I am fairly certain that I knew why damn near every time.


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