Monday, October 11, 2004

Stuck inside Providence with the Riverside blues again

My birthday is next weekend. My sister's birthday was last weekend. My parents had us all over for dinner tonight to have birthday cake for the both of us. You know, killing two birds. Anyway, my parents got wifey and I tickets to see Bob Dylan next month. I am very excited. I saw him once years ago and was impressed with the show overall. I checked out the internet when I got home to see the set lists for the shows on his summer tour. I expected to only see recent tracks but was pleasantly surprised to see that he has been recently playing some of my favorites like Positively 4th Street, Stuck Inside of Mobile with the Memphis Blues Again, and not that its a favorite of mine but he has even been playing Lay Lady Lay. It really got me thinking, how many times do you think he's played a song like Lay Lady Lay? How many times do you think Bruce has played Born To Run? Elvis Costello -- Allison. Eric Clapton -- Wonderful Tonight, Aretha Franklin -- Respect. How do they keep the performance of these songs fresh after literally thousands of performances over the years? I now if it were me ther would be a sense of going through the motions. Any thoughts anyone?


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