Sunday, October 31, 2004

Sunday night blues...

I can't believe that the Patriots lost today! I am starting to think that possibly the Gods of any karmic retribution have simply decided that in trade fro the Red Sox winning this years series all other major events of the year will go the wrong way. Did the Sox take hold of the winning mojo of New England for the week? If so, small price to pay I say. (World Champs Baby!!!!! There I've said it)

Before the end of the ALCS my wife asked me which I would rather see this year a Red Sox World Series Championship or a Kerry for President win. I really couldn't answer. I have been waiting for this my whole life and to begin to think that the two are not mutually exclusive is a scary thought. As if it were a trade for the years major events we get the series and the rest of the country gets the shaft for the next four years. I say the rest of the country because as bad as the economy, the war, and the health care crisis do get we here in New England will have the satisfaction of this season to keep us warm. Anyway VOTE KERRY!!

I am not happy about the fact that I will be commuting home in the dark for the next 4 months. Nothing makes you feel as if the day has been wasted more than not seeing the sun.


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