Saturday, November 20, 2004

A change of plans.

The Wife and I had a good Friday night. We visited with a friend and his dog. ( when the dog is pushing 135lbs and loves sitting on your lap I consider that visiting him as well as the owner.) I learned how to kick some ass at Tiger Woods 2004 for the Playstation. The friend we visited works for the same company that I do and since I had a terrible week at work I had to introduce a No talking about work rule. I broke my own rule halfway through the evening of course. Wifey kept us on track and we had a good time playing playstation all night. What can I say, when you have no life just getting out of the house for a few hours is an adventure.

We have a wedding to attend to tonight and with the holiday coming I am sure that a night of hanging around the house is going to be a welcomed change. Next weekend we are headed to New Jersey for a holiday visit with the In-Laws.

I gotta say I really have to start waiting until I have something to say before I open up my template to post because this plan of "I'll just start typing and something will come out" -- yeah that plan isn't working any more...


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