Sunday, November 14, 2004

Not exactly what I had in mind but hell riding a custom chopper through Mexico doesn't sound all bad...

It has been a very routine Sunday. The Wife and I slept in after a night of drinking last night. I went and bought my newspapers and some groceries and then we both spent the day watching football and reading the Times and the ProJo. After watching the Jets get beat (a beautiful thing) and before the patriots game (as I write this Pats are leading 20-o in the third quarter) I watched Motorcycle Mania 3 with Jesse James. Now I want to be Jesse James. Let me explain this a bit. I don't want to build motorcycles although I am sure he gets a great deal of satisfaction from building something with his hands. I want to have the balls to stop working for someone else. To have the courage to create my own opportunities. To get up every morning excited and eager to get to work because I was passionate about it. I am not sure how much more of my current job that I can take. I am well aware that complaining about it, and writing it here does nothing to help those goals. I need to shut my mouth grow some balls and do it. To get my ass into school so at least some small part of my life involves furthering goals of mine rather than the goals of my employer.

Anyone out there want to send me some stories of encouragement or just tell me to stop being a crybaby and just do it feel free and comment below.


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