Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Up all night with Wolf Blitzer...

The wife and I voted after work tonight. We beat the after work rush and walked into an empty polling place. We did our thing and headed home to watch the results on tv. Its gonna be a long night. This day just felt different. Its too important. I have been antsy and nervous all day and while the feeling did subside a bit after performing my civic duty it comes roaring back whenever I turn to CNN, MSNBC, or the internet.

The coverage that I saw today on MSNBC featured segments from "The Bloggers Cafe" which for some reason got me thinking of the last time. If the blogosphere had the power then that it has now would a Florida recall have the same outcome? With people all over the country armed with their laptops, would the decision be left to the supreme court? I don't think that they would. Hopefully it will be a non-issue this time.

So go and vote if you haven't yet. Vote for whichever senator from Massachusetts you think will do the job. Vote for whatever Vietnam veteran you want to see as President. Just get out there and VOTE KERRY.


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