Thursday, December 23, 2004

The christmas blackout

Tonight was an important night for getting things done before our trip to NJ for Christmas. I had laundry to do and after that, some packing. We also have to get things ready here at the homestead for my sister to catsit. There is a lot to do and only one night to get it all ready. And so it would be fitting that on this night we lost power for about two hours.

No wrapping, no laundry, no phone, no internet, no lights, nothing. There was just nothing to do and after finding a bunch of candles and the flashlight The Wife and I sat in the candle light and let the gentle quiet settle in. Raindrops on the window and the occasional car passing by are all that we hear. The cats mill around but are sure to stay close and it is apparent that they know something is not right.

Then something happened. We started talking. No TV in the background, not over a quick meal, and not in the car while running errands. Talk. I can't tell you the last time we had as much fun talking. We didn't talk about anything specific or important and most of it was joking around but it is comforting to know that I can still have so much fun with the woman that I met almost ten years ago. We have lived together for about six years and have been married a little over two. Every time I find myself convinced that She has heard every one of my funny stories and anecdotes (and that I have heard all of hers) we have a night like tonight and again prove that I am a very lucky man.

The holidays are stressful. We all know it and it always becomes a struggle as we barrel toward the big day. Then, in a flash of ribbons and bows, ... Its over. The buildup is what becomes excrutiating, if I hear "Have a Holly, Jolly Christmas" one more time at work I can't be held responsible for my actions. Tonight we got a chance to get away from it all for a while. To forget about the packing and the driving to spend time together. The Wife and I have survived this season better than I could have possibly imagined. The struggles of this year have helped to strengthen our relationship even more and it has made me very proud of both of us. As I reflect on the year ending and ponder the coming year I am feeling more and more optimistic. It is a foreign attitude for me but I like the way it feels.

Happy Holidays!


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