Thursday, December 09, 2004

A Crying shame...

R.I.P. -- "Diamond" Darrell.

This whole story is a crying shame. A twenty five year old walks onto the stage at a rock show and four people end up dead. A tremendous talent shot five times in the head and the only lead the police have to go on about motive is that the shooter who was shot and killed by police did this because Pantera broke up. All on the 24th anniversary of the John Lennon assassination. Wrong on so many levels.

The summer before my sophomore year of high school my electric guitar given to me by my uncle shit the bed. Bad connections, weak neck, bridge cracked, basically a very old and very used guitar. A friend of a friend had bought a brand new one and while he wasn't at all interested in getting rid of it he was willing to let me borrow it a while. Not having the money yet I was happy to have anything to use because I was meeting a friend to play a few songs at a party. I'm gonna just cut to the chase here -- the guitar was hot pink and said Pantera across the body. Hot.Pink. I wasn't a big Pantera fan (never really got into stuff that hard.) I had no problem with them but the guitar was hot pink. I was in the tenth grade and the pinkness was embarrassing in its pinkitude. The guitar worked fine and even called attention to me playing which in the Kurt Colbain and Eddy Vedder model of angst and resentment I didn't want to be noticed. Ahh youth.

That's it. That is my little story that is my connection to the band Pantera and "Diamond". I knew who he was because he wrote a column in one of the Guitar magazines I was a big fan of. I wish I had more but that is my lame connection to an absolute tragedy that happened last night in Ohio.

Update: It has been brought to my attention that I got "Diamebag"'s nickname wrong in the post. I have no excuse and it is very embarrassing but it is surely not due to ignorance. I think it was a subconcious homage to the great "Diamond" Dave. I am sorry for the mistake. My poor attention to detail strikes again.


At 2:50 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

In everything I have read about this guy his name is "Dimebag" Darrel rather than Diamond Darrel. Just so you know...

(check Whatevs)


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