Sunday, December 19, 2004

The old grey lady keeps blabbing about this thing called blogging.

This from tomorrow's (or I guess today's) Times...

There are as many different kinds of blogs as there are human impulses -- sex blogs, dating blogs, political blogs, technology blogs and music blogs. But 70 to 80 percent are varieties of personal journals. A few have broken into the Technorati Top 100: for example, dooce, No. 39, advertises herself as ''that girl who lost her job'' and ''managed to alienate her family because of her Web site.'' (You can click the links to read the nasty things she said about her parents and colleagues that got her into trouble.) Although men and women blog in roughly equal numbers, personal bloggers are more likely to be women than men. And the favorite topic of personal bloggers is sex.

I have to say it, I love Dooce. Ever since The Wife and I decide to start a family I have been hooked on checking in with her every day. Her and the Laid-Off Dad. In the interest of any publicity being good publicity the Times has been giving the medium lots of help in the last couple of months. I don't for a second consider myself on the level of any of the blogs that are written about anywhere. No one even reads this one except my wife anyway. (Thanks babe!) I am just glad with the publicity that someday down the road after I have developed a voice, and style, that I may use this medium to promote myself and my work. Go check out all of the blogs on the right because they are all very good and we need to support one another.


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