Friday, August 20, 2004

We're going to stay together for the kids...

Thank you blogger. Thank you for losing the post I spent all night last night composing. In addition to depriving my audience of a quality post you have also lost my precious memories into the vast expanse of cyberspace. I will not be able to recreate the beauty and style of that piece and it is all your fault.

...I'm just not sure that I can trust you anymore blogger. I don't know that anything I do means anything to you anymore. You really let me down when you gave me that dear--"cannot connect to server" note and lost my words forever. Should I start composing my posts in something like a word processor document as well or are you going to start holding up your end of this relationship. Maybe we should get some counseling.

...I just need to be able to trust you again. To know deep down that I can push the big button that says Publish Post and be assured that you'll come through.... I mean the least you could do is let me backtrack to where my words are but to completely blank it all out is just plain mean.

Don't cry, I know...I know you tried, ...but I've heard that before. This time I really need you to change.

Oh, Blogger, I could never stay mad at you! Of course I'll let you post my words again. here start with this and prove yourself.

Wednesday, August 18, 2004

Blogging embarrassment

You see here is the thing. The thing is, I used to post nearly every day to a really crappy blog that had very little to do with me but had everything to do with shit that I found on the internet that I was interested in. The thing is that when I started writing in this blog I wanted to post something everyday in this blog that I actually cared about. The thing is I started putting too much pressure on myself to "write something meaningful". I don't like it much, the pressure. So I haven't been devoting any time to this space. Truth is, I'm not even comfortable promising that I will do it in the future. It may happen again.

But I'm really going to try to put aside a few of my strenuous workouts (It's like five whole steps from my recliner to the fridge) and devote a few minutes of writing here every day.

Monday, August 16, 2004

Couldn't have said it better myself. Posted by Hello

[thanks to Beautiful Stuff for the jpeg]

Forever in Her Debt...

After a truly terrible day of work it was so nice to go out with wifey to a casual dining restaurant chain that used to be my employer. Not the particular location mind you because I have a thing about returning to a place I walked out on, but the same big name on the sign. The food was, er, ok at best which was to be expected. The company was what made dinner nice. (Pardon me for a moment or two while I get all sappy) It is amazing that after 9 years of being together and close to two years of marriage the wife and I enjoy each others company even more than we did in that touchy-feely honeymoon period. I just have a good time hanging out with her, and I believe I always will. What I'm saying here is that it means so much to me to come home from eight hours of doing something I hate to have some one who helps to make it all fade away. My wifey helps me relax every night when I get home. Someday I hope to make it up to her by doing something with my life that I enjoy. It must wear a bit thin for her to cheer me up every.single.night. But my girl does it anyway, and with a smile that I simply don't deserve. I'm a very lucky man.

Matches?! Where oh where am I going to find matches?

Has anyone seen the commercial for Nicoderm CQ(tm) featuring the Alanis Morisette look-alike breaking down the stress of being a smoker?

Making sure I had enough cigarettes to last the night, and worrying that I had enough matches to light them all.

Now first of all, if I were still a smoker (oh how I long to still be a smoker) this ad would be reason enough for me to continue. Kind of counterproductive to the whole Nicoderm(tm) mission statement I would think. Up to a little over a pack a day after ten years of smoking, worrying about having enough smokes and how I would light them wasn't ever a big concern. Even if it did worry me every now and then I would need a smoke to calm my nerves! Buy a carton and be done with it! Worried about matches? This is quite possibly the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard of. I have singed eyebrows off using the gas burners of a stove-top to light a smoke but you know what I didn't do ... worry about it. If you are a smoker who is having a hard time with a light then your just not trying hard enough and don't deserve that wonderful and delicious drag of that sweet, sweet tobacco. Damn, where the hell are my matches?