Thursday, September 16, 2004

Oops I crapped my pants...

If you read only one account of someone crapping their pants today, make it this one.

Don't Tell me what to like Dammit!!

I am about to finish Brown's Da Vinci Code. I read Angels and Demons first, and that may have been a big mistake because I feel like I read the smae book twice. I have to tell you, I only read the books to get some people at work off my back. One can only come up with so many responses to "what do you mean you haven't read it yet? Everyone has! It's soooo good." Sorry folks, its not that good.

I'm not going to get into plot detail and the like because there have been hundreds of articles written about this phenomena. Go ahead and check any paper I'm sure you will find an article about what some people have decided is the best book they have read in such a long time. Anyway it isn't the subject matter that bothers me. I am a big fan of da Vinci (who the hell isn't) and many of the facts that were brought up were fun to investigate on-line. What bothered me about both books was the short chapter ending with a cliffhanger setup. Every fucking chapter. It is very frustrating. Brown's style to me drew similarties to television series. Like a soap opera, in between the commercials one cliffhanger answered another began the only thing missing was the music -- Dun, Dun, DUHHHH.

So I think everyone gets the point, I didn't like either of these books all that much, but there is a bigger issue that I've been pondering. Why is it that when something is hugely successful it makes me want to run in the opposite direction. Wifey brought home the new Sedaris book Dress Your Family in Corduroy and Denim the other day and for no other reason than the fact that I have yet to read any bad press for this guy and he seems to be the hip new thing over the past few years I already don't like the book. I want to read it but don't want to like it if that makes any sense. I have a friend who is an extremely intelligent and well read individual who is constantly telling me that I HAVE TO read all of the Harry Potter books. He insists that I will enjoy them but I can't seem to break through that barrier. I everyone likes it, it usually means I won't.

Is it me? Am I the only one who thinks that the majority opinion on the arts in this country is usually wrong. Why is it that a book making its way on to the Times Bestseller List is for me the kiss of death? I know I can't be the only one.

Monday, September 13, 2004

What else could I use to ring in the new year?

If I had a nickel for every time over the last ten years that I needed an automatic weapon but haven't had one because of the law. Golly, aren't we all extremely lucky to have a president who cares about the citizens of his country so much that he would allow this law to expire. Hopefully this one will shoot him the foot. He needs women to vote for him to win and women, or more specifically moms, don't like guns.

Sunday, September 12, 2004

My weekend was fine and yours?

I had quite a weekend. It was probably one of the most eventfulweekends I've had in some time. It of course started on Friday night when wifey and I headed north to Boston to see the traveling production of Disney's The Lion King. I must admit it was quite good. The sets and costumes were incredible. The story was tried and tested in the movie (not to mention in Shakespeare, The king is killed by his brother and the prince must struggle with his place in the scheme of things, sound familiar?) and did feel a bit forced when they added scenes for time. Theatrical filler as it were. Overall though, an enjoyable show. Before curtain we walked over to Chinatown and found a little hole in the wall Chinese place for dinner. I had the duck and wifey the chicken and broccoli. The small restaurant held only six tables one of which was occupied by a middle aged gentleman who was engrossed in the Yankee game on the TV behind the tiny little bar. We sat down and enjoyed our meals but I couldn't help but notice how much noise was coming from the kitchen when it was obvious that there wasn't any demand on new entrees. The drive in and out of Boston was smooth sailing and the convenient parking lot across from the theater kept our car nice and safe. We had a fantastic evening, a wonderful beginning to a great weekend.

My in-laws came for a visit on Saturday afternoon. They arrived from Jersey at about 4pm which gave us ample time to clean the apartment for their inspection. We went out for another fantastic dinner at a local seafood place with my parents. I don't like seafood. Never have. I sucked it up and decided that you only live once and I might as well try something new. Let me tell you that if you can ever try fresh mako shark with a roasted corn salsa do not pass up the opportunity! We finished dinner and desert before embarking on a walking tour of our beautiful little city. Luckily the fires were lit for Waterfire which the in-laws seemed very impressed with. So far we were two for two on having good weekend days.

Sunday wasn't bad per se but it wasn't all that good either. We woke up early to have breakfast with Wifey's parents and wish them a safe trip back to Jersey. I picked up my weekly newspapers on the way home and settled in for a lazy Sunday of football, the Times, and a possible afternoon nap. Three hours later we got a call from said in-laws alerting us that my father-in-law had left his briefcase behind at the hotel and needed it for work tomorrow. We had been given a mission. Retrieve the case and head into Connecticut. We would meet them halfway. Five hours later my lazy Sunday could resume. It really wasn't that bad like I said I wasn't doing anything anyway.

All in all it was a great weekend. That's it, just a boring old recap. I have been reading a lot and I saw a whole bunch of terrible movies lately that I'd like to post about so you all have that to look forward to. 'Til then...