Saturday, October 09, 2004

Its just a box of rain.

Things have been a bit emotional here in the fog. We've had a medical emergency and I am definitely not ready to talk about it here yet. I will have a post forthcoming but sometime when I've come to grips with it all. Some good thoughts would be appreciated for my family would be appreciated if you could spare them. I might continue to post but my head isn't quite in it.

Bring the Yanks!!!!! Posted by Hello

Monday, October 04, 2004

Our bouncing bundle of Fog.

I racked my brain for a clever and/or eloquent way to make this announcement but as it turns out I'm not really clever and/or eloquent. One can only hope that this healthy boy or girl will be. Wish me luck!Posted by Hello

Sunday, October 03, 2004

Down The Shore everything Alright.

Wifey and I just came back from New Jersey. It was a great visit with her family and hopefully posts will resume daily. I really didn't think anyone would notice my absence so it was a pleasant surprise to see a few comments left here and get a couple more e-mails upon my return to my laptop. Thanks for coming and I hope you come back.

Mrs. Fog and I finally stepped out of the dark room and bought ourselves a digital camera. I did my research and shopped around and I am quite happy with my purchase. There is another post coming that relates to the camera in a big way so check back with me in a few days. I am about to start a journey the likes of which I have never seen before. You'll see.

As far as books, music, and movies, I have nothing of note right now. I've been extremely busy and had a terrible week at work. When I got home all I wanted to do was chill and watch TV so that is exactly what I did.

By the way, bring on the Anaheim Angels! Just a bump on the road to the series. A road that will lead right through New York I might add.