Saturday, November 13, 2004


I finished Steinbeck's The Moon is Down this morning. A nice little novel. Steinbeck's simple language is very comforting to me. For my money, I'll take the simple, everyday language of Steinbeck over almost anybody. This short novel was new to me and came highly recommended by my father. The story follows a small town after it is occupied by an invading force. Written in the early 40's it is assumed that the occupying force is German and the "leader" that they speak of is of course Hitler but neither fact is mentioned or relevant. I found myself relating the book to current events in a few different ways. If you are in the mood for a quick but thought provoking novel give this one a look.

Soon after finishing the book The Wife and I took a ride over to the bookstore. I picked up new Phillip Roth book The Plot Against America due in part to the recommendations of one Mr. Mark Sarvas. After a quick twenty pages I am hooked. Updates to follow.

Wednesday, November 10, 2004

It stuff like this that keeps me from sleeping...

This report will make your blood boil.

(Sent to me by my dad but also found at SFJ)

Monday, November 08, 2004

I need to get a life.

Its Monday and so it is time for the obligatory weekend recap.

Wifey and I had a great weekend. We spent Saturday with a buddy of mine and his dog (see the photo below this post.) A hike and a visit to my parents rounded out a beautiful Saturday. The weather was gorgeous if not a bit too breezy.

Sunday was a bit more relaxed. I watched TV. I sat on my ass. I sat on my ass watching TV.

This was a busy weekend for us which should explain why I don't normally post a weekend recap.

Sunday, November 07, 2004

Monty! Posted by Hello

I always thought that his career was in arrested development after "The Hogan Family"...

The wife and I use Netflix rather than going to a rental place. As long as you watch five or six movies in a month then the 17dollars a month is well worth it. We have caught up on a few TV shows that we didn't catch in the original runs. Tonight we watched the first disc of the first season of Arrested Development and I only have one question.

Who the hell knew that Jason Bateman was so freaking funny?

I have been pleasantly surprised.

Josiah Bartlett for President.

As I write this I am watching an episode of The West Wing. In this episode the President plays two separate games of chess with two of his aides. He bounces back and forth between two offices playing war games all the while China is inching towards its own War Games with Taiwan. In an unrealistic exchange one of the aides takes the president to task for his suppression of feelings from being beaten by his father. I still don' t think that these types of conversations take place in the white house in general but especially not in the white house we currently have. The TV version is the white house I wish we had and it is fun to escape into fiction after the week we all have had.