Saturday, November 20, 2004

A change of plans.

The Wife and I had a good Friday night. We visited with a friend and his dog. ( when the dog is pushing 135lbs and loves sitting on your lap I consider that visiting him as well as the owner.) I learned how to kick some ass at Tiger Woods 2004 for the Playstation. The friend we visited works for the same company that I do and since I had a terrible week at work I had to introduce a No talking about work rule. I broke my own rule halfway through the evening of course. Wifey kept us on track and we had a good time playing playstation all night. What can I say, when you have no life just getting out of the house for a few hours is an adventure.

We have a wedding to attend to tonight and with the holiday coming I am sure that a night of hanging around the house is going to be a welcomed change. Next weekend we are headed to New Jersey for a holiday visit with the In-Laws.

I gotta say I really have to start waiting until I have something to say before I open up my template to post because this plan of "I'll just start typing and something will come out" -- yeah that plan isn't working any more...

Thursday, November 18, 2004

Heard the song of a poet who died in the gutter,

I'm not sure how old I was but the first time I dropped the needle on my dad's Bob Dylan's Greatest Hits LP I wasn't exactly sure what to think. Trombones?! The voices cheering and calling from the background? It seemed to me that it was put down by an amateur without the use of a real recording studio. It sounded gritty, it sounded raw, I didn't know why but I thought it sounded too adult for me. My junior high school ears knew that I was listening to something that I just didn't understand yet. You all know the words...

Well, they'll stone ya when you're trying to be so good,
They'll stone ya just a-like they said they would.
They'll stone ya when you're tryin' to go home.
Then they'll stone ya when you're there all alone.
But I would not feel so all alone,
Everybody must get stoned.

Stoned? Like they'll force you to smoke weed? Rainy Day Women #12 and 35? What did women have to do with getting stoned? Why are they all screaming? How could a voice like that be the famous Bob Dylan? For me being young so young I just didn't get it yet. My confusion and curiousity hooked me. Over the next year or so I listened to that record nearly every day.

Last night Wifey and I saw Bob Dylan at the Ryan Center on the URI Campus. That man knows how to put on a show. I have seen many shows before and left the arena saying "That was the greatest show I've ever seen!". But this was not one of them. I left this show smiling at The Wife, both of us knowing that while we didn't have to say it like we did when we were in college, on the inside, buth of us were screaming "THAT WAS THE GREATEST SHOW I HAVE EVER SEEN!!"

This guy was bopping his head and bouncing up to the drum kit between songs. No the guy I saw onstage was not 63 years old. The guy I saw was a young singer songwriter enjoying himself. He was bouncing between racks of harmonicas and a large electric piano setup where he stayed for the whole show. He stooped towards his microphone and never used a stool or bench. This little guy was mobile. His attire would have placed him a bit closer to Nashville than Greenwich Village.

Being as prolific a songwriter as he is I will admit that I didn't recognize the bulk of his set. That didn't matter a bit. This set had a driving beat that didn't seem to stop all night. There seemed to be a swelling of energy on the stage as if this guy who has found himself on stage for forty years was more comfortable there than anywhere he could be. He didn't address the crowd between songs except to introduce the band before the last song. That one I knew, sort of. I know it was "A Hard Rain's A-gonna Fall" but this is not your father's "Hard Rain.." by any means. A new hard driving beat for the new and improved Bob Dylan.

The encore was "Like a Rolling Stone" followed by "All Along the Watchtower". These songs are tried and true classics. Their status is confirmed and these songs will be remembered through the ages and I can always say that I had the good fortune to see him perform it. I have seen the Dave Mathews Band and more than a few smaller bands try to cover "Watchtower" live. Some have done it better than others. About halfway through this I leaned over to The Wife and said in her ear "kind of makes the others seem like a joke doesn't it?" There was really no question.

I realize that Bob Dylan has had a rebirth in the past years with movie soundtracks, his latest new album, his book, and even a ladies underwear commercial and I haven't seen him before so I have no frame of reference but this was a damn good Bob Dylan show. I hesitate to reveal this out of respect for Clapton but I saw him in the Garden a few years ago, well I guess who I really wanted to see was Clapton in the seventies because Clapton in the nineties was a bit of a bore. What with the orchestra and all. Dylan last night in a word Rocked!

I keep meaning to come up with a title for a regular feature of quotes from what I'm reading but I never remember what it was going to be so screw it.

I have been reading Philip Roth's The Plot Against America, and really enjoying it. On nearly every page I have found a paragraph to throw up here as a little tast as I have always done but I don't feel up to it yet. I keep thinking that the next one will be even better. Expect it soon though. I have a hard time putting this damn book down.

Monday, November 15, 2004

So Opie wants to find the Holy Grail does he?

I just read this. I'm not surprised at all. I am conflicted. I didn't like the book at all but as far as movies go Langdon could end up being a James Bond or Indiana Jones type character as far as a character of successful action movies with little to no change or depth. Dan Brown would be dancing his way to bank then. I have always liked Tom Hanks. I am one of the sick people who actually enjoyed the train wreck that was Joe Versus the Volcano so part of me wants this movie to be worthwhile, but my distaste for the book is going to make me reluctant to even go and see it. At least I'll have a good year or two before I have to endure the hype of this movies release.

Fund free mammograms

I found this item over at The Elegant Variation and it is something that needs to be spread around. If there is a better reason to blog than spreading the word on something like this I haven't found it yet.

It seems that The Breast Cancer site is not getting enough daily hits for its sponsor to continue donating at least one free mamgram every day. This is free for you! Simply click on over to and click on the pink button in the middle of the page that reads "fund free mammograms". Free and fast and helping people who need it, I challenge you to find a down side to this. Just go.

Sunday, November 14, 2004

Not exactly what I had in mind but hell riding a custom chopper through Mexico doesn't sound all bad...

It has been a very routine Sunday. The Wife and I slept in after a night of drinking last night. I went and bought my newspapers and some groceries and then we both spent the day watching football and reading the Times and the ProJo. After watching the Jets get beat (a beautiful thing) and before the patriots game (as I write this Pats are leading 20-o in the third quarter) I watched Motorcycle Mania 3 with Jesse James. Now I want to be Jesse James. Let me explain this a bit. I don't want to build motorcycles although I am sure he gets a great deal of satisfaction from building something with his hands. I want to have the balls to stop working for someone else. To have the courage to create my own opportunities. To get up every morning excited and eager to get to work because I was passionate about it. I am not sure how much more of my current job that I can take. I am well aware that complaining about it, and writing it here does nothing to help those goals. I need to shut my mouth grow some balls and do it. To get my ass into school so at least some small part of my life involves furthering goals of mine rather than the goals of my employer.

Anyone out there want to send me some stories of encouragement or just tell me to stop being a crybaby and just do it feel free and comment below.