Thursday, January 06, 2005

1000 Songs

1,000 songs. I have put just about 1000 songs on my ipod and it is thirsty for more. I still have a bunch of CD's that haven't made the cut yet but I'm beginning to realize that filling it is a lofty goal. Still it is a revelution in the way we listen to music. I am still adjusting to having my entire collection at my fingertips. I find myself a bit overwhelmed every morning when I wait for the bus. A few CD's in one of those travel cases was my limit in choices until now. Now I can select any one of a thousand of my favorite songs, or I can just shuffle the whole damn thing and listen to my collection which won't repeat itself for 2 and a half days.

Of course at the going rate I'll probably have to upgrade to some sort of new gadget in about two years. My wallet can hardly wait.


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