Sunday, January 16, 2005

I will never say the word "procrastinate" again; I'll never see myself in the mirror with my eyes closed.

Editors Note: Until further notice titles of posts will be random song lyrics plucked from whatever my ipod throws at me on my bus ride to and from work. Why? Because I feel like it. Oh yeah and by the way, a bunch of random bits is probably all you'll see from me this weekend. Three day weekend of relaxing with some movies, some football, and of course liquor, lots of liquor.

I'm sure that anyone who has made it here has already found this link somewhere else but if you haven't and you enjoy film please check out the CONVERSATION. I spent this morning in their backblogs, they have no less than five interesting threads going on right now.

I have always heard that burning hair gives off an odor to beat the band. Lacking any first hand experience I figured it couldn't be all that bad. Its just hair right? This morning The Wife and I could not find the source of a stink in our living room. The rare big breakfast today had us blaming each other for the cloud that seemed to linger over the coffee table and couch. A moment later while getting a drink I noticed that the smell had just gotten significantly stronger. "Hey! Get away from there! That's the smell!" The wife was screaming in the living room. It seems that my cat when rubbing against the coffee table in the hopes that it would dispense food was dragging his tail through the flame of a small stinky candle we had lit. As much as we love this cat there is no denying that this particular animal is not so bright. The poor thing didn't even seem to notice the fact that a little longer and we would have had a fireball capable of dashing all over the apartment.

No one, and I mean NO ONE beats us in the snow.

The Wife and I became the proud new owners of a special edition rotating board version of Scrabble this weekend. The competition has been fierce although a bit one-sided. It seems that The Wife has a thing for anagrams and word games. Humbling.

Movies, movies, movies. Last weekend we saw Napoleon Dynamite, and Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. I started a post and reviewed both of them but have yet to post it. This weekend we saw two more good ones. I am a bit late to both of these. I knew that they where released and I had read the reviews but I prefer the comfort of my couch to the movie theater so I generally don't see movies until they are out on DVD. First up it was Garden State last night. Good, but not great and I will post my reasons why when I get them together. Today after the Patriots game we watched Shaun of the Dead which I thought was in a word - Brilliant! (to be read in the voice of the guys in the Guiness commercial)

Tomorrow take a moment to remember him; and his works.


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