Tuesday, February 01, 2005

What do you call a cat with no legs?

We call him Linus Posted by Hello

Linus has been part of our little family since October of 1998. He tipped over the trash can today and dug through the garbage hunting for the remains of last night's stir-fry. Apparently it made quite a mess but Wifey had it all cleaned up before I got home. Linus gets into some trouble but I can't stay mad at him. Just look at him.

The Wife and I went to college in Vermont and after about a month or two of "shacking up" (or the more popular "living in sin") we decided it was time to get a pet. (Not our first pet actually but we don't talk about the turtle fiasco of 1996.) A friend had let us know that her father found a litter of kittens in his barn. We could have our pick in about six weeks when they were weaned off of mom. These cats may have had a barn to live in but make no mistake, barn cats in northern Vermont are hunters. They serve a purpose; to kill mice and other rodents. You don't pet them, you don't feed them and you most certainly don't let them inside. Now of course these are kittens, I am just giving you a bit of background, Linus is by far the coolest cat that I have ever met. I hated cats until I got to know this guy. But I digress...

Anyway, four weeks later our friend called saying that we should get up to the farm and come pick out our cat. We were a bit shocked that it was so soon after birth but would find out when we got there that when entering the barn that morning the farmer had stepped on and killed one of the kittens. Afraid that he would accidentally kill more he wanted them to go to good homes, quickly. We could have taken them all if we wanted to but one was enough for two crazy college kids living together. Linus was hiding behind an old rusted out stove. He was the only one of the kittens that didn't hiss at The Wife when she picked him up. He was so small that I easily could have held him and one of his six remaining siblings in the palm of my hand. On the hour long drive home Linus slept wrapped in a blanket in a small cardboard box on the lap of the woman who would be my wife.

That's it. If I were going to continue with Linus stories I'd be here until dawn. I thought that I had posted a shot of him a few months ago and when I realized I hadn't, I had to fix it fast.


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