Sunday, March 27, 2005

Dear prudence, can't you come out to play?

The Wife and I spent Easter weekend in New Jersey with her family. A routine holiday visit leaves nothing major to report. My Brother-In-Law showed me why I should have switched to Firefox a long time ago. So I made the switch when I got home this afternoon and I am already glad I did. He also showed me the MMO he is playing and I am so close to diving in. I have a few reservations. I have some experience with these on-line games. While in that online world time seemed to melt away. Logging on for an hour or two would turn into all night epic battles with my new friends across the country; and a few nights on the couch because The Wife would not tolerate me waking her up at 4 or 5 every morning. My other problem is that I am already disappointed in how little time I spend reading and more importantly writing. The time spent online fighting monsters would do little to further my ambitions of a life of writing. I hope to enroll in a fiction workshop next semester at Brown's continuing education program and I'm not sure that I will be able to fit gaming in. My brother-in-law is also the first family member to know that I have a blog. I guess that would make this post me telling him that I can't come out to play until I finish my homework*. Sorry.

*Ed. Note: The author is weak. His will power virtually non-existent, if posts stop coming you'll know why.


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