Friday, March 18, 2005

Fernando Valenzuela rides my bus.

I have been looking forward to tonight. This is the first friday night that The Wife and I have been able to stay home and just relax. No errands to run or things to pick-up I get to veg out on my recliner and await the weekend. My brackets are all fucked up already buit it is still fun to be checking in on all the games. We had to run on an unexpected errand last night right in the middle of watching Heavenly Creatures the Peter Jackson film about an obsessive friendship in 1950's New Zealand. Strange, surreal, and interesting. Like I said I only watched half last night so I'll get back to that tomorrow. I have to watch that and I have to finish Cloud Atlas this weekend. I really took my time with MN&JS and so I really have to get back on the horse if I am going to read 50 this year. I have been wearing a whole into my copy of mos Def's New Danger. Surprisingly enough I recommend everything up there. Oh yeah and I watched FX's show the sheild for the first time this week and liked it so I have the first season dvd's on their way from Netflix. Hopefully they arrive tomorrow. It's the little things folks. These things matter and I just thought you all would like to know what I was watching, reading, and listening to.


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