Thursday, March 03, 2005

Trying not to panic.

Finally, a real trailer for the Hitchhiker's Guide. I have not been this excited for a movie's release in some time. I wasn't even this excited about Lord of the Rings because I was worried they would ruin one of my favorite stories. The same held true for me here at first. When I heard about its making I was worried it would fall a bit flat, the way the BBC miniseries did, but when I heard who was cast I knew they were on to something. You can't miss with the mighty Mos Def. Special effects finally make the scope and grand scale of a Galaxy possible on film. Perhaps I am just setting myself up for a disappointment. You should have seen me the night Attack of the Clones came out. Lets hope this one lives up to the hype and if it doesn't; I'll just crack the book again.


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