Friday, April 29, 2005

Books of '05: Homeland

I am beginning to realize that 50 books this year is a bit of a pipe dream. I started out with a monster of a book and because of stress or just plain business did not read nearly enough as I had wanted in these first four months of 2005. So far I have only completed 9 books and that is only if you count the four Hitchhiker's Guide books I read in one large volume as four separate books. I say different copyrights, different books. 9 books going into the fifth month of the year I better step it up.

In that vein, the last book I read I did so in about three days. I couldn't, or rather didn't want, to put the damn thing down. Homeland by Sam Lipsyte was fun, quick and also thought provoking. I laughed my ass off reading this one even getting some strange looks in the cafeteria at work because of my giggling. The tale of Lewis Miner aka Teabag, Homeland is told as a series of letters to his high school alumni newspaper. His letters spare no one including himself from the grim and often hilarious truth of Teabag's life. A mom who died too young, a lover who broke his heart and a father who wrote him off years ago all come to life in Lewis's search for community and family.

Lipsyte's voice while at time vulgar and lewd can turn on a dime to heartwarming and thoughtful. Go and get this book. You'll thank me for the wild ride.


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