Friday, April 15, 2005

Good Eats.

This guy is an absolute genius. Exploiting thousands of vegetarians and city folk who think eating is a rabbit is wrong into giving him money for no reason whatsoever. I wish I had thought of this. The guy has already made close to $25,000 in donations!!

I grew up next to a family that would get a new baby bunny every Easter. They would name it and tack care of him or her in a rabbit coupe in the backyard. For the whole year they would make sure that the rabbit wanted for nothing. A few days before Easter of the following year they would lop off its head, skin it, and prepare the pet to be Easter dinner. Then they would introduce the new pet to the family and repeat the whole thing.

The first time I had rabbit I was on a camping trip with my Boy Scout troop. That same meal was the first time I had succotash. The rabbit tasted a lot like chicken but was enjoyable all the same. This guy has hit some sort of nerve with his sob story about finding his poor defenseless bunny. The PETA crowd falls right into his hands. A few cute pictures and every animal lover in the country wants to send him a few bucks to keep this furry rodent around. Guess what folks -- Its called a food chain and we are on top. Go hungry for a few days and little Toby there will look pretty appetizing.


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