Tuesday, May 03, 2005

This n' that, good n' plenty, bits n' pieces...

Terry has great story about an actress who I personally can't stand but her box office draws lead me to believe I am in the minority. Hilarious.

Justin Peck (who runs the beautiful blog Beautiful Stuff) has a great piece up at Y.P.R. Check it out and laugh.

Want to know what humans will look like 2 to 4 million years from now? Check out this interactive piece to see. Especially apt in Kansas where they are about to embark on hearings to decide whether or not they want to teach their children about gravity, no I mean the need for oxygen, er, no I mean, evolution. Yeah that's it. Evolution.

"To debate evolution is similar to debating whether the Earth is round. It is an absurd proposition." Topeka attorney Pedro Irigonegaray who has agreed to defend evolution as valid science.
(Thanks for both links goes out to SOT.)

I have seen a couple of movies lately that I missed out on in the theaters because, well, because I don't go see movies in the theaters because I have better things to do with my 7 to 8 hundred dollars. Anyway, in short form -- I loved Sideways like everyone else. I thought 21Grams was good but a bit too heavy duty. The Incredibles was about as good as movies get animated or otherwise entertaining.

On the television front, The Wife and I have been on a big Futurama kick lately. Always funny and often smart.

My father gave a demonstration for the Rhode Island Bonsai Society last Saturday. I took a bunch of pictures and had every intention of posting some of the highlights and a write up here. Then I thought it would be a good idea to start a photoblog with some of the shots that I was really proud of and then I decided that it was too much work to neglect three blogs when I get so worn out not posting on the two I already have so I ditched that idea and decided to do nothing. I am very good at that.


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