Thursday, June 16, 2005

I just want to do great hair.

It took me awhile to come around on the reality TV phenomena. I was a huge fan of MTV's Real World when it was in New York (the first time kids. I was there for the Julie and Kevin fight) but by the time it hit LA I lost interest. Survivor has been around for five years but I never saw an episode until 7 months ago. Queer Eye? Nope. The Apprentice? Haven't seen a second of it. Bachelor/Bachelorette? What the hell is a flower ceremony? Blow Out? I want more. I don't want to miss a thing that Jonathan Anton says. I am fascinated by this guy and how far away from reality this guy is. I know that he doesn't realise how crazy he really is. He is hair!

Aside from my strange intrest in a show about a hair salon is my current obsession with Tommy Hilfiger's God complex. I watch the first 50 minutes giddy with anticipation for the "style forum" and Tommy's "final judgement". Where does this guy come up with this crap. I don't know but I can't look away. What on Earth is wrong with me?

I need help.


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