Friday, July 01, 2005

Friday Random Ten

This random meme is fantastic. In your favorite digital music player (itunes along with my ipod of course) shuffle the entire library and tell us the first ten songs it spits out.

Here goes...

1. "De Do Do Do De Da Da Da" -- The Police (Zenyatta Mendotta) -- Who doesn't love The Police?

2. "Jesus Children of America" -- Stevie Wonder (Innervisions) -- Just after finding out that Stevie Wonder gave more to pop music than "I just Called to Say I love You" and "Part Time Lover" I took a summer job renovating apartments with my father and a friend of his who was the owner of a few apartment houses. This guy was everything I wasn't in high school and we didn't get along well at all. He loved this album. He would sing at the top of his longs to this album for hours at a time. Any other record and I'm sure I would have hated it forever after. Not this one. A great song on an even better album.

3. "Spider" -- They Might be Giants (Severe Tire Damage) -- To be perfectly honest I'm not sure I ever remember hearing this song before. There are just so many damn songs on each album with these guys.

4. "Karate" -- Tenacious D (Tenacious D) -- Funny, funny stuff.

5. "Son of Neckbone -- The Beastie Boys (The Sounds of Science) --

6. "Out of Range" -- Ani DiFranco (Living in Clip) -- A great song by a great songwriter. Plain and simple.

7. "Dog Eats Dog" -- Les Miserables original Broadway Recording -- What makes me an even bigger dork is the fact that I also have tha London Recording, er, ..., and..., uh, ..and the French Recording too.

8. "Goodbye Yellow Brick Road"-- Elton John (Goodbye Yellow Brick Road) -- Let us not forget that Elton John before he sold his soul to Disney sat down with Bernie Taupin and wrote a great song here. Fun to sing along with, though no one sounds good doing so.

9. "When You Dream" -- Barenaked Ladies (Stunt) -- I saw these guys on a live television broadcast and was blown away. Saw them live and was hooked and about a year later the released this album and a different single off of this became one of those songs that you don't even have to own a radio to hear it everyday. It was being played EVERYWHERE. All of the sudden I wasn't so much a fan anymore. But on Road trips I still like me some Barenaked Ladies along for the long car rides.

10. "Burma Shave" -- Tom Waits -- (Used Songs 1973-1980) -- Tom Effin' Waits need I saw more?


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