Thursday, October 06, 2005

The reasons that The Wife and I probably won't be moving for a long, long time. We just have too much stuff. See the Playstation there. I don't think I've played that thing in about five years. Can't seem to get rid of it though. Too lazy for eBay I have asked around and no one wants it. Like asking someone who owns a '65 mustang if they needed an Edsel to take up space in the garage. Who needs it when there are xBox's and the like allowing them to play against friends and strangers around the country. I hold on to things for strange reasons. I hold onto things that I know I will never use again but from apartment to apartment. I have three VCR's and have no plans to hook any of them up to a TV. Can't throw it out; it still works fine. Help me I have problems.

Why do I do that. I insist that I am helping because I am not wasting but isn't collecting dust in the botttom of a closet a waste?

With the move The Wife and I decided to invest in the much talked about DVR experience from our local cable outfit. Fucking awesome doesn't seem to be enough. It is so easy to watch what I want when I want with nearly no commercial breaks. It will forever change the way I watch TV.

We also upgraded (or what I currently believe to be an upgrade) to a cable ISP rather than the DSL we had at the old apartment. Much faster in my opinion. perhaps we just had a bad line at the old place but this cable line is much faster. Hands down.

Also moving has meant that I am left with five large boxes and an enourmous trunk of books that need to be organized and unpacked. The very large bookcase I had in the old place would not fit up the winding stairs of this one. I need shelves and I need them bad. I have one built in set of shelves in the living room and was able to unpack two boxes of my favorites in there but the books in boxes bother me. Of course not because I need them all out but I feel I may want to check on something or re-read things on a whim and having to take a look at so many boxes will deter me from it. Whatever. I know I am nuts.

I have a few blogs that I just found and instantly became dailies --- Shakespeare's Sister,, -- Lance Mannion, -- Everything and Nothing. Go and enjoy.

Be sure to enjoy the Photoblog.


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