Saturday, April 02, 2005

Good thing its free.

My last couple of posts have been the product of many problems with Blogger. I have written no less than four posts regarding the death of the very funny Mitch Hedberg. Blogger has found it fit to delete two of them before I could save them and even went so far as to make me think that a third was deleted only to have it somehow appear there the next day making me a bit embarrased at my posting. Thanks again blogger.

Thursday, March 31, 2005

There is no need to include paper and ink in this transaction.

With a rash of recent celebrity deaths the one that saddened The Wife and I the most was the untimely passing of the comic Mitch Hedberg. The Wife and I were big fans. Mr. Champion has a good list of lines.

RIP Mitch.

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Tuesday, March 29, 2005

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Monday, March 28, 2005

Books of '05: Cloud Atlas

I finished Cloud Atlas and I have to admit that while enjoying the novel all the way through it fell flat by the end. Mitchell is a genius it seems. I had a great time reading the book, it challenged the way a novel can be put together but in its complexity lay its downfall. With six stories spanning hundreds of years and the entire globe its hard to have a climax. Any way you slice them these are six strong short stories all able to stand on their own. As a group they certainly do blossom into an enjoyable and praise worthy book. But this structure became jarring in the second half.

In interviews Peter Jackson tells that the reason he left Frodo's battle with Shelob out of the second movie even en though it was the climax of the second book was because having more than one emotionally charged moment will leave them both flat. Cloud Atlas is the same. (As much as I loved the LOTR films I cringe at making that comparison but its all I could think of and it fits. Tolkein chose playing the two stories independently as two separate books within the same volume.) The intensity of all six storylines is lost completely.

Overall I loved this book. I thought the characters engaging and dynamic. It was the experiment in structure that disappointed me but I still recommend.

Sunday, March 27, 2005

Dear prudence, can't you come out to play?

The Wife and I spent Easter weekend in New Jersey with her family. A routine holiday visit leaves nothing major to report. My Brother-In-Law showed me why I should have switched to Firefox a long time ago. So I made the switch when I got home this afternoon and I am already glad I did. He also showed me the MMO he is playing and I am so close to diving in. I have a few reservations. I have some experience with these on-line games. While in that online world time seemed to melt away. Logging on for an hour or two would turn into all night epic battles with my new friends across the country; and a few nights on the couch because The Wife would not tolerate me waking her up at 4 or 5 every morning. My other problem is that I am already disappointed in how little time I spend reading and more importantly writing. The time spent online fighting monsters would do little to further my ambitions of a life of writing. I hope to enroll in a fiction workshop next semester at Brown's continuing education program and I'm not sure that I will be able to fit gaming in. My brother-in-law is also the first family member to know that I have a blog. I guess that would make this post me telling him that I can't come out to play until I finish my homework*. Sorry.

*Ed. Note: The author is weak. His will power virtually non-existent, if posts stop coming you'll know why.

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