Saturday, May 14, 2005

The Guide

The Wife and I saw The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy today. I liked it. The books meant so much to me growing up and I read them last month just to be ready for the movie. I'm glad I did even if the plot and action didn't follow exactly. I didn't expect them to be identical and I of course prefer the books but was impressed with the scope of the film. Previous attempts at making this a radio and visual medium to me came across flat and a bit hokey.

I think that the biggest asset to the film was casting. All of the choices made were spot on in my mind and it made watching these characters familiar even if I hadn't "seen" them before. The visuals were impressive. Even the Magareatha planet building as well as the vogons themselves. A particularly smart choice to stay away from CGI on the vogons their interactions with the actors made the humor.

Although some of the best jokes of the books were omitted, they managed to hit the humor and tone throughout. I laughed a bunch and so did The Wife who has never read the books.